W. S. Test Systems Private Limited is a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Electrical Testing & Measuring Equipment such as Impulse Generator, Measuring Spark Gap, Partial Discharge Meters, DC High Voltage Test Set, High Voltage Construction Kit and High Voltage AC Tests Sets. Our products are designed to be energy efficient and easy to work with. They are known for aesthetic & skilled workmanship for long lasting performance & efficiency with accuracy in line with respective National & International Standards. Range of different variants are available to suit every requirement at very reasonable rates commensurate to best performing products leading the market.

We are the leading manufacturers & exporters of a range of high voltage test & measuring equipment;

  • Impulse Voltage Test Systems with control / Data acquisition system & Multi-chopping Gap as per IEC60060 and typically suitable to test the Transformers manufactured as per IEC60076 and other electrical T&D products as per their respective standards –
    • 100kV / 2.5 to 10kJ per stage regular electromagnetically controlled generators up to 1600kV, 160kJ
    • State of the art 200kV, 10kJ to 20kJ per stage pneumatically controlled noise free generators up to 3MV, 300kJ as per IEC60060.
  • Impulse Current Generators to test assembled lightning arrestors for Residual Voltage Test (Steep current impulse and Lightning impulse) and other wave shapes as per customer requirements. We also have the capability to design & supply Impulse Current Generators to test the Lightning Arrester Blocks for Long duration current impulse and & short duration tests.
  • High Voltage AC Test Systems from 100kV, 5kVA to 800kV, 800kVA as per IEC60060 along with requisite Controls, AC Peak Voltmeters and Voltage dividers up-to 800kV.
  • Measuring Capacitors/Voltage Dividers for HVAC measurement up to 800kV.
  • Modular High Voltage Construction Kit Inter-convertible High voltage construction kits from WSTS are available in the ranges 100kV to 300kV AC and 140kV to 400kV DC, 420kV impulse and fully satisfy IEC60060 OR IS2071
    • These kits are specially designed for educational institutions for under graduate, post graduate and research studies / experiments with all requisite safety specialties and can be very easily dismantled and reassembled in short time by students
    • These kits are also well suited for small equipment testing like vacuum interrupters, lightning arresters, insulators, small transformers, switchgears etc.
    • These kits are suitable for integration with partial discharge measuring equipment and capacitance & tan Delta Bridge.
    • These kits provide a very good alternative for small laboratories for R&D at a very reasonable price. They also require small space in comparison to the regular large designs.
  • Partial Discharge Meters has three models of DTM D, DTM Integrated and DTM Modular, which fully satisfy as per IEC60270. Our PD meters measures both PD in pC and RIV in V. Partial Discharge Meters feature a selective filter for variable centre frequency ranging from 600 kHz to 2400 kHz. Alternatively fixed bandwidth wide band filter with a bandwidth of 40 to 220 kHz.
  • Coupling Capacitors for AC/PD measurement up to 800kV.
  • DC High Voltage Test Set: Variety of special DC High Voltage Test Set systems for Power Capacitor Testing ranging from 50kV to 500kV and also for other testing & research purposes are available. DC High Voltage Test Sets have measuring systems conforming as per IEC 60060. We have capability to design & supply DC Test Systems up-to 1.2 Million Volts.
  • SF6 filled Standard Capacitors for integration with C & Tan Delta Bridge from 50kV to 400kV, with Tandelta < 5e-5
  • Measuring Spark Gaps: Sphere gaps from 100mm to 500mm diameter for high voltage measurement, impulse chopping and calibration purposes.
  • Multiple Chopping Gaps: Electromagnetically & Pneumatically controlled state-of the art Multiple Chopping Gaps for integration with Impulse voltage Generators, ranging from 200kV to 3.6Million Volts