High Voltage Construction Kit




  • The High Voltage Construction Kit is a system of components for applications in high voltage technology.
  • All components have the same length and mechanical interconnections. They can be combined to form a test configuration and are extremely versatile.
  • Test configurations: AC voltages up to 300 kV, DC voltages up to 400 kV and impulse voltages up to 400 kV with different output power ratings.
  • The application range for the high voltage KIT covers not only use in high voltage laboratories of technical universities, but also as an industrial test system for routine and type tests on electrical equipment up to 30 kV


  • A complete test system requires a volume of 30 m3 and a floor surface of 3 by 4 meters.
  • The configuration is built up by simply inserting the various elements to form a self-supporting structure.
  • No tools are required.
  • The high voltage KIT has very compact dimensions.
  • It is portable and truly represents a complete high voltage test system


HV Kit: Design Factors

  • A clear structure is required to ensure that the assembled circuits can be easily checked both by students and theirs instructors.
  • Rapid set up of the circuit in order to have as much time for active experiments as possible.
  • As few elements as possible should be used in order to maintain the simplicity of the system and reduce replacement parts.
  • All components can be used in all possible circuits from the mechanical, thermal and electrical point of view.
  • Design for low Corona-effects. 
  • As few oil-filled components as possible should be used. A leak-proof construction for the oil-filled components is required.
  • Highest reliability. Potential rough handling of the components should be virtually maintenance free.