Compensating Reactor Description


High Voltage testing is done to check the integrity of Electrical insulation. Electrical insulation acts as a capacitive load. Also additional capacitance in the test system like Measuring Capacitor, Test Transformer inherent capacitance, Coupling capacitance and any stray capacitances contributes to the total capacitance load on Test Transformer. In net effect, the load on the Test Transformer is Capacitive in nature. Since load is of the capacitive in nature during HV Insulation testing, Reactive power will come into picture.

The air insulated compensating reactor is connected between the regulating transformer and the test transformer. Following are the benefits of Compensating reactor.

Benefits of Compensating Reactor

  • Loading of the power source comes down
  • kVA of the regulating transformer reduces
  • Input power cables rating comes down
  • Primary & Coupler winding loading comes down


  • Voltage Rating: 400V to 1000V
  • kvar ratings: 100kvar to 450kvar with suitable taps
  • Type: Air insulated gapped core Reactor

Ordering Information

  • To meet the technical specification and application requirements, the following information are required.
  • Operating Voltage
  • kvar rating
  • Numbers of taps and rating

Application of the Reactor

Manual or Selector Switch option of Reactor taps